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                Warm warm love
                Date:2017-02-27   Hit:   From:Original
                 The middle of winter, but the chill is strong, hard workers Luohe kiss the heart is warm. In order to make the company employees difficult to have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival, continue to promote "a kiss, the joy of sharing" enterprise culture, before the festival Luohe kiss Union launched a comprehensive "once a year of difficult employee warmth activities, let us feel the early spring.

                January 6th -7, Huang Wenzhi, general manager of Luohe kiss, union president Xiao Yan led the backbone of the trade union members came to the home of 13 employees in distress, sent them condolences to the company and holiday supplies. The difficulties of employees at home, condolences to the group seriously understand the difficult employee life difficult, encourage them to face life, to overcome difficulties, and thank them for their contribution to the company, and they advance to wish a happy new year, pay New Year's call, a happy family.

                The workers in difficulties "once a year the warmth activities fully embodies the kiss family warmth and harmony, YiGouGou greetings that need to care about those people feel warm, a true blessing let the more warm spring festival celebration.